Macandrews Field is a large open space of approximately 2 acres situated off Exeter Road. It was gifted to the people of Ivybridge by J.J. MacAndrew and was previously managed by the Friends of MacAndrews Field.

This area was the location of a large American camp during World War 2, of particular note were the Bedford Boys. The Bedford Boys were a group of 34 National Guard from the town Virginia. They were involved in the D Day landings where 19 of their number were lost. Bedford proportionately suffered the greatest losses of any American town during the campaign. There is a bench dedicated to their memory at the top of the field. You can read more about the history of the field during WW2 here on the Ivybridge Heritage Group website.

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 Wildlife in MacAndrews Field

The Town Council are managing the field for wildlife and nature.  Approximately 5 years ago an orchard was planted along with a thicket and some standard trees.  The margins around the edge of the field and around the trees are being left longer to encourage diversity,  wildflowers and to provide a habitat. The wildflower areas are cut and raked in late summer or early autumn to discourage the more vigorous grasses and encourage diverse growth the following year.