May 2021
Wednesday, 19:00

Full Council Meeting

Please note that due to Covid-19 this meeting will take place as a Zoom meeting. Any members of the public who wish to participate in the meeting are requested to contact the Town Clerk by emailing townclerk@ivybridge.gov.uk or calling 01752 893815 with their question by 12noon on Thursday 29th April.

Members of the public who would like to observe the meeting but do not wish to participate may do so by the following link: www.ivybridge.gov.uk/youtube





Additional Documents

21-001 & 21-003 NOMINATIONS FOR MAYOR AND DEPUTY MAYOR.pdf 21-002 & 21-004 DECLARATION OF ACCEPTANCE OF OFFICE.pdf 21-006 Representatives for Interests May 2021.docx.pdf 21-007 Committees List May 2021.docx.pdf 21-010 M29-03-21 Draft Council Minutes.pdf 21-011a M09-03-21 Planning Minutes.pdf 21-011b M30-03-21 Draft Planning Minutes.pdf 21-012 M29-03-21 Draft Personnel Minutes.pdf 21-013 M15-02-21 Draft Parks Minutes.pdf 21-014 Town Mayor's Interests 30 March - 4 May 2021.pdf 21-015 Calendar of Meetings 2021-2022.pdf 21-017 Investment Strategy 2021 - Draft.pdf 21-018 Travel & Subsistence Policy 2021.pdf 21-019 INTERNAL AUDIT REPORT FOR YEAR END 2020-2021.pdf 21-020 ANNUAL RETURN.pdf 21-021 Bacs Payments 27 April 2021.pdf 21-022 LOCAL AUTHORITY REMOTE MEETINGS CALL FOR EVIDENCE.pdf 21-023 CASUAL VACANCY.pdf 21-024 Update and information.pdf 21-024a Devon and Cornwall Day 1 and 2.pdf 21-024b Devon and Cornwall Day 3 and 4.pdf 21-024c crimeprevention2021.pdf