Lesley's Wood


On Thursday evening staff and councillors attended an event in Filham Park to mark the retirement of the previous Town Clerk, Lesley Hughes. Lesley retired at the end of 2020 but due to Covid restrictions the event had to be postponed.

An area of woodland in the park has been named Lesley's Wood in appreciation the many years Lesley spent serving our Town and community. With the help of the Town Mayor, Cllr Sara Hladkij, a sign for this area was unveiled.

Lesley had provided dynamic leadership of the Council and through her efforts not only was the Town Council awarded the national honour of being named as town council of the year, but also a number of projects such as The Watermark brought to fruition through her drive and perseverance.

Lesley has also ensured those that need some extra help and support are not forgotten, providing the impetus for the Christmas dinners held at The Watermark aimed at providing a memorable day for older people who otherwise would have spent the festive period on their own. She also continues to be involved with Ivybridge Caring, and a strong supporter of sport, particularly football, within the town.

We are pleased to announce that Lesley’s replacement is Jonathan Parsons who in his role as Business Manager within the Council has been responsible for the successful management and development of The Watermark.