Volunteering - Filham Park sign and gate installation


On a very hot, dry day at Filham Park, Lou and I were joined by 3 volunteers to install a lovely oak sign, produced by Marc from Wild-Works (www.wild-work.co.uk). The sign was produced from locally sourced hardwood. Lesley Hughes, Ivybridge Town Council’s recently retired Town Clerk, organised the planting of the trees 20 years ago, the wood has now been named ‘Lesley’s Wood’. You can read more about the woods by clicking here

We also removed the broken bridleway gate on the access track from Filham House into the park, with a new self-closing gate. The old one had been vandalised and was unfortunately beyond repair. Devon Public Rights of Way kindly supplied the replacement gate.

If you would like to get involved locally, then please email me at andrewprice@ivybridge.gov.uk.