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Filham Park is a 34 acre country park which used to be part of the Filham Estate. There are many grand old oak trees in the park dating back several hundred years.

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In recent years, the Town Council has been busy enhancing the natural habitats within the park to benefit both the residents of the Town and our native wildlife.

A survey took place in late 2020 to help formulate the new Filham Park Masterplan, more details to follow.

In early 2021, 8 disease resistant elm trees were planted as an avenue along the track which leads to the oaks. 12 new oaks were added to the existing circle of mature oak trees. These were funded via a grant from the Langage Landscape Fund and by local residents taking part in a tree donation scheme.

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During winter 2019/20 the Woodland Trust provided a free Community Tree Pack of 420 mixed native trees. These were used to reinstate a hedge along the boundary of the Manstow Football Club pitches. The Town Council provided an additional 200 hedging plants which were also planted in this area. A number of local volunteers kindly assisted with this planting. 30 trees, including willow, alder and poplar have also been planted alongside the bridle path.

The areas underneath the oaks have been left uncut to reduce compaction from the mower. The reason a lot of parkland trees suffer, is due to overmowing under the canopy. This form of management helps to extend the life of these mature trees and to encourage biodiversity.

In addition to tree planting, volunteering events have been held to plant wildflower meadows, carry out hedgerow management and bulb planting. 

More information about volunteering can be found on our volunteering page. If you are interested in volunteering or becoming a friend of Filham Park please contact the Parks Team by email.

 Wildlife in Filham Park

Filham is an excellent place to see a wide range of native bird species, including woodpeckers, swallows, buzzards and a kingfisher.  If you see any interesting species please log them with the Ivybridge Birding Project. With the change to grassland management it is hoped that more bees and butterflies will be seen in the park.

 Clubs in Filham Park

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