A page to show what each Council does in the Parish of Ivybridge

A handy reminder of what each Council does:

Ivybridge Town Council 01752 893815 or www.ivybridge.gov.uk (6% of your council tax bill 2022-2023)

• Parks and open spaces (Longtimber Wood, Filham Park, Victoria Park, MacAndrews Field and Woodlands Cemetery. The Town Council is also responsible for some smaller areas at Orchid Avenue, Holman Way and Baron’s Pyke)

• Tackling the Climate and Ecological emergency, including biodiversity improvements, planting trees and creating wildflower meadows at various sites around the town

• Planning – we are statutory consultees and provide recommendations to South Hams District Council

• The Watermark – an accessible library, venue for comedy, cinema & live music, performance space, business spaces and community space

• Various events throughout the year including funding the Christmas lights and Festival, supporting the annual fireworks display and more.

• Citizen and Community Group of the year awards

• Supporting various charities and groups within the town through grant funding, coordination and officer support including youth services

• Listening to resident’s views and coordinating responses to district, county and government plans that affect the town

• Coordinating the Christmas Day event for those who would otherwise be alone at Christmas

• Work with organisations such as So Social, Ivybridge In Bloom, South Hams CVS, Citizens Advice to facilitate and fund work in the town

• Raise additional funds for the community through the Mayors Charity

• Support the Remembrance Sunday commemorations

• Provide bus shelters

• Provide allotments through the Allotment Association

• Run and maintain Woodlands Cemetery

• Encourage other authorities to maintain and improve their services, or take them on ourselves for the benefit of the community

South Hams District Council 01803 861234 or www.southhams.gov.uk (8% of your council tax bill 2022-2023)

• Housing, housing advice and homelessness, council tax collection ,food hygiene, parking – Leonards Road, Glanvilles Mill and Harford Road car parks, planning authority, neighbourhood planning, land charges and local authority searches, street naming and numbering, dogs, leisure centres, pest control, licensing, parks and play spaces, public toilets, trees, environmental health, fly tipping, street cleaning, recycling and waste – home collection and trade waste, benefits

The following problems can be reported via the South Hams District Council website or by phone:

• Abandoned vehicles, missed bin collection, overflowing litter / dog bins, recycling banks, public toilets, litter, fly tipping and dead animals, lost or stray dogs, issues with SHDC car parks, planning applications and enforcement

The District Councillors for Ivybridge West Ward are Cllrs Nadine Dommett and Pablo Munoz. District Councillors for Ivybridge East Ward are Cllrs Victor Abbott and Matt Steele.

Devon County Council 0345 1551015 or www.devon.gov.uk (70% of your council tax bill 2022-2023)

• Transport, roads, street parking and street lighting, social care, adults and children, child protection, childcare services and schools, emergency planning, libraries, trading standards, waste disposal and recycling centres including Ivybridge recycling centre, blue badges

Issues with the following can be reported via the Devon County Council website or by phone:

• Potholes, parking, overgrown vegetation, public rights of way issues, hazardous or fallen trees on the highway, debris or obstructions on the highway, defective road markings or signs, trip hazards on pavements or cycleways, traffic light issues, broken manhole covers, grit bins, bridges and retaining walls on the highway, roadside fences and barriers, ice, street lights, bollards and lit signs, flooding and blocked drains

The Devon County Councillor for Ivybridge is Cllr Roger Croad