Ivybridge International Links

St Pierre sur Dives

The town has been officially twinned by charter to St Pierre-sur-Dives near Caen, France since 1972. Ivybridge is one town of 98 that are officially twinned in Devon.

Bedford VA Alliance

A rewarding friendship has grown between Ivybridge and Bedford, Virginia, USA. Some residents have kept in touch for over 60 years with the families of the young men from Bedford VA who trained in and around the town in preparation for the 1944 D-Day landings. It is sad to record that most of the young men were among the horrendous casualties the Americans suffered in the first hours of landing on Omaha Beach.

In November 2001 Ivybridge Town Council erected a memorial to officially recognise the sacrifice made, with American dignitaries and residents attending a dedication ceremony.

A friendship Treaty was signed between the two towns in 2004 when a group of 50 Bedford residents visited Ivybridge for the 60th anniversary of the D-Day landings. The following year Ivybridge members returned the visit and included the very impressive D-Day Memorial at Bedford in their itinerary. The depth of friendship between the towns is exemplified by the formation of the Ivybridge – Bedford Alliance, the aims of which are to foster present and future relationships as well as remembering historic bonds.

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The Ivybridge German Society

Formed in 1975, the Society carries out an unofficial town twinning (exchange) with the German town of Beverungen, on the banks of the beautiful River Weser, south of Hamelin. Visits lasting a week or more have taken place at Easter every year since 1975, with reciprocal visits in October. Members on both sides are accommodated in family homes and treated very much as family members. Visits to Germany are by bus via the Channel Tunnel, the journey broken by an overnight stay in a hotel in France. The bus remains with the party for the duration of the stay, taking them out each day on a programme of visits organised by the hosts.

The Society’s aims are several - to build upon the success of the exchange; to enjoy and maintain close contact with friends in Beverungen; to experience their culture and lifestyle, and, in so doing, to increase understanding between members on both sides of the exchange.

Membership is limited to those living in the Ivybridge area who have an interest in joining in fully with the Society’s activities and who can offer accommodation to German guests during their annual visit to Ivybridge. Monthly social events are held for members to get together and to raise funds. Interested? Contact the Chairman Mike Sandercock by clicking here.