Filham Park Tree Donation Scheme

Ivybridge Town Council is looking to plant new trees to add to the group of magnificent veteran oaks in the Filham parkland.

The oaks are several hundred years old and by and large are still going strong. However, we do now need to look to the future and start to plant trees that will themselves one day be as grand!

So this winter the Town Council is looking to plant 6 English oaks to supplement the group. In addition, 8 disease resistant English elms will be planted as an avenue along the track that leads to the oaks.

The Council is receiving a grant towards the cost of the planting from the Langage Landscape Fund, administered by South Hams District Council, and aims to raise the balance through a tree donation scheme.

A donation of £50 per tree will go towards the cost of buying the tree, its staking, protection, and other planting materials.

Although the Council will not be putting individual plaques on donated trees, donors will be recognised on a commemorative board sited at the entrance to Filham Park. Donors may also help plant the trees!