Ivybridge Developments

Strongvox Homes
Land at Sx 621 558 Cornwood Road, Ivybridge
READVERTISMENT (Revised Plans Received and change of description) Demolition of existing bungalow, erection of 38 dwellings, provision of new access and erection of 3m high, solid timber acoustic fence on boundary with A38 and changes to the access and car parking provision with Woodlands Veterinary Surgery
 (Larkfleet Homes South West Ltd)

Persimmon Homes - South West
Proposed Phase 2 development site at SX 619 565 Immediate north of Harford Mews, Cornwood Road, IvybridgePlanning application - 3954/17/FUL
READVERTISEMENT (Revised Plans Received) Erectoin of 101 dwellings including all associated Public Open Space, landscaping and all other associated works

Persimmon Homes - South West
Land at Sx 6203 563 Woodland Road Cadleigh IvybridgePlanning application
Planning application - 1971/16/FUL
Erection of 74 dwellings, including all associated public open space,landscaping and all other associated external works (resubmission of 27/1859/15/F)
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Stowford Mill Developments Ltd
Development Site At Stowford Mills Harford Road Ivybridge Devon PL21 0AA
Planning application - 27/1336/15/F

Mixed use application for regeneration of Stowford Mill including erection of 36 new dwellings and 32no. 1 and 2 bedroom later living apartments; the conversion of existing buildings to create 6772m2 amount of commercial floorspace for A1, A2, A3, A4, C1 and B1 uses, conversion of existing farm to create 2no. dwelling, 27no. 1 and 2 bedroom apartments; 169m2 area for community use, associated public square, car parking and landscaping
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Stowford Mill Developments Ltd
Development Site At Stowford Mills Harford Road Ivybridge Devon PL21 0AA
Planning application - 27/1337/15/LB
Listed building consent for the regeneration of Stowford Mill including conversion of existing buildings to create 7000m2 amount of commercial floorspace for A1-4, C1 and B1 uses. Conversion of existing farm tocreate 2no. dwellings, 27no. apartments; 169m2 area for community use together with facilitating demolition.

Earlier information relating to the Stowford Mill development:

In June 2013 South Hams District Council prepared a planning brief for Stowford Mill, Ivybridge. The brief was prepared following the unfortunate news that the paper mill was to close at the end of the year. The brief set guidelines of how the mill could be redeveloped in the future. The Stowford Mill Planning Brief is available to view by clicking here.  Consultation was held on the planning brief in June and July 2013.  If you have any queries please contact the strategic planning team using the details above or telephone 01803 861234.

Please click here for summary report commissioned by the Town Council to develop proposals for the Stowford Mill site for its closure in 2014.

Please click below to view the Stowford Mill Report prepared by the Torbay Development Agency. Due to the large size of the document the 33 pages have been split into five sections.

Section 1 (pages 1 - 4)
Section 2 (pages 5 - 12)
Section 3 (pages 13 - 19)
Section 4 (pages 20 - 23)
Section 5 (pages 24 - 33)

Barratt David Wilson Homes
Land At Torrhill Farm Godwell Lane Ivybridge Devon PL21 0LT
Planning application - 27_57/1347/14/F

READVERTISEMENT (Revised Plans Received) Residential development comprising 222 dwellings with green infrastructure, public open space,flood attenuation provisions, vehicle access points, internal roads and pedestrian/cycle links and associated works - 
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Hannick Homes
Land At Sx6483 5632 Off Rutt Lane Ivybridge Devon

Planning application - 57/2472/14/O
Outline application for mixed use development of approx 198 no. dwellings, public open space, employment uses (including Health Centre), a neighbourhood centre and new roundabout on Exeter Road (access to be considered)
Rutt Lane - Hannick Homes Proposals

Hannick Homes held a public consultation exhibition on Monday 26 November 2012 to view emerging proposals for a residential-led mixed use development adjoining the eastern edge of Ivybridge. 

Please click here to view the Consultation Exhibition Panels - Rutt Lane, Ivybridge

Please click here to view the Draft Indicative Masterplan (Nov 2012) - Rutt Lane, Ivybridge

Please click here to view the Public Consultation Questionnaire - Rutt Lane, Ivybridge

Plans and Reports

Ivybridge Neighbourhood Plan

Ivybridge Town Plan

Please click here to view the presentation by Gary Streeter MP to the Town Team meeting on 25 October 2013.

Ivybridge Retail Study Final Report 2013

South Hams District Council and the Ivybridge Town Team jointly commissioned Peter Brett
Associates (PBA) to undertake a Retail and Leisure Study in 2013. To view the report please click here.

The Prince's Foundation Masterplan

In February 2011 the Development Plan Document (DPD) for Ivybridge was adopted. This followed a consultation process carried out by South Hams District Council. The plan, which states the numbers of houses, area of employment land and other amenities, that are required in the period to 2016 and beyond can be viewed by following the link www.southhams.gov.uk/ivybridge_dpd-2.pdf

At the same time the DPD was being finalised the Government was exploring via the Localism Bill how communities could have a greater role in planning and some pilot schemes were established with national organisations being given Government grants to help communities who expressed interest.

One of those organisations was the Prince's Foundation for the Built Environment, and the Town Council applied for help in developing the Masterplans, required in the DPD, which otherwise would have been brought forward by developers.

The Prince's Foundation visited Ivybridge in July to assess whether they could assist and then returned in November to do their Enquiry by Design event. A leaflet on the event was delivered to every household in Ivybridge, with the assistance of resident volunteers. Please click here to view the leaflet.

As a result of over 350 post it notes from the community and discussions with landowners, transport, education and health representatives as well as Ivybridge businesses and residents, the Prince's Foundation were able to bring those ideas into a plan which could fit within the framework for development specified in the DPD.

Please click her to visit the Community Action Plan