March 2024
Monday, 19:00
The Watermark

Full Council Meeting





Additional Documents

23-115 Police Report.pdf 23-116 District Councillor Report.pdf 23-117 Council Minutes 22-01-24 Draft.pdf 23-118i Personnel Minutes 12-12-23 Draft.pdf 23-118ii Planning Minutes 29-01-24.pdf 23-118iii Parks Minutes 29-01-24 draft.pdf 23-118v Planning Minutes 19-02-24 draft.pdf 23-118iv Watermark Minutes 30-01-24 Draft.pdf 23-118vi Policy & Resources Minutes 19-02-24 Draft.pdf 23-120 Report - Standing Orders revision.pdf 23-120 Revised draft Standing Orders.pdf 23-121 Asset Register 2024.pdf 23-122 Financial Risk Assessment 2024 - Draft.pdf 23-123i Anti Bribery Statement and Policy January 2024.pdf 23-123ii Anti Fraud and Corruption Policy - January 2024.pdf 23-123iii Procurement Policy - January 2024.pdf 23-123iv Internal Audit Policy 2024.pdf 23-123v Internal Audit System 2024.pdf 23-123vi Statement of Internal Control 23-24.pdf 23-124 Butterpark Security Report.pdf 23-124 SUPPLIER A - Safe Site Quotation SS71956.pdf 23-124 SUPPLIER C - Secure Site Quotation 307759a Ivy Bridge - Butterpark Steel Security purchase with hired doors.pdf 23-124 SUPPLIER B - Heatley Quote_QT00064.pdf 23-126i Report - Rivers Meetings Updates.pdf 23-126ii River Erme Minutes Jan 2024.pdf 23-126iii Meeting between River Erme Councils group and SHDC.pdf 23-126iv Erme and Yealm Rivers Association Meeting 20 Feb 24.pdf 23-127 Ivybridge Summer Event Report.pdf 23-128 Bunting.pdf 23-130 Internal Audit Report Interim Feb 24.pdf 23-131 Updates & Info report.pdf